Does Your Building Have Fire Doors?
Are They Compliant?

We are delighted to introduce you to our sister company, Aran Fire Protection, which provides passive fire protection and fire door services to customers throughout the New Path group of fire and security companies.

With a relentless commitment to safety and quality, Aran Fire Protection supplies, installs, inspects, and maintains fire doors at commercial properties nationwide, safeguarding employees and protecting business premises from the devastating effects of fire, while also keeping the employer compliant with all current fire safety laws.

All fire doors installed by Aran are in line with the manufacturer’s test data and installation specifications with newly installed doors
certified via third-party accreditations.

Don't compromise on safety.

Secure your property and your peace of mind with Aran Fire Protection’s range of professional fire door services.

Contact our colleagues at Aran to book your risk assessment today.

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Fire Door Services to Keep You Compliant

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Fire Door Installation

Our fire doors are installed in line with the manufacturer’s test
data and installation specifications. Newly installed doors are
certified via our third-party accreditations. As part of the installation process, we submit the manufacturer’s fire door test evidence as part of the operation and maintenance manual. Installation is completed and secured within a day so apertures are not left open, preventing overnight security and fire risks.

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Fire Door Maintenance

All of our fire doors are maintained to recognised performance standards. Maintenance work carried out can include (but not limited to):
• Adjusting door gaps to approved tolerances
• Replacement of hardware approved in conjunction with the door
manufacturers or in the absence of test data BS8214
• Ensuring frame to substrate gaps are fire stopped correctly

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Fire Door Inspections

Our periodic door inspections ensure you are meeting the new legal requirements. Our digital system allows you to actively view full condition reports which allow you to monitor and action ongoing maintenance requirements.

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Fire Stopping Surveys

Using the building’s existing fire strategy drawings, we can drop
digital ‘live pins’ onto the floor plan, highlighting the exact location of where fire stopping works are required and provide a full audit trail for works that have been conducted.