What is a Fuse Board?

A fuse board (consumer unit) is an electrical unit that controls the supply of electricity into your home. The fuse board safely distributes electricity from the mains supply to all the electrical circuits within your home, including lights, sockets, and various household appliances. Consumer units are essential in protecting your family and home from the dangers of electrical hazards and fires.

Modern Fuse Board Components

Modern fuse boards consist of a main switch, residual current devices (RCD), and circuit breakers, that constantly monitor the flow of electricity around your home and cut off the electrical supply if faulty electrical item or an overloaded circuit is detected.

Each component in a fuse board has its own job to protect your family and home from electrocution and electrical hazards.

Main Switch – the main consumer unit switch allows you to turn off the electricity supply to your home

Residual Current Devices (RCD) – RCDs are switches that cut off the flow of electricity if there is too much electricity flowing through. RCD switches usually trip because a faulty electrical item or an overloaded circuit to protect you from electric shocks and electrocution.

Circuit Breakers – circuit breakers are electrical switches designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overcurrent/overload or short circuit. Unlike the RCD that is there for human protection, the circuit breakers are there to protect your homes electrical systems and wiring.

Why Should a Fuse Board Be Replaced?

A fuse board should be replaced or upgraded for many reasons including:

  • If you have an old-style fuse board without RCDs
  • Your existing fuse board is damaged
  • Electrical faults keep reoccurring, such as regular tripped switches, flickering lights or sparking power outlets
  • You are upgrading your electrical system

Are Old Fuse Boards Safe?

Old fuse boards are perfectly safe if they are well maintained and have been deemed safe from an electrical inspection by a qualified electrician. That said, old fuse boards do not have the same safety capabilities that modern units do, and new safety regulations mean that old customer units may not meet modern safety standards and you run the risk of electric shocks and fires.

Modern consumer units reduce the risk of electric shocks and electrical fires in your home. If you have an old fuse box installed, it is strongly advised to have a new fuse board installed to help protect your family and home.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Fuse Board?

The average cost of replacing a fuse board can average between £500 – £600, but this will depend on the size of the new unit that you would like to install, and no additional problems or required repairs are found. At Arundel Fire, Security & Electrical, our fuse box replacement service includes supply, installation, and certification.

Keep your family and home safe from electrical hazards by Contacting Arundel, Fire, Security and Electrical today. Our expert team can arrange for our accredited electricians to inspect your fuse box and determine whether you require a fuse box upgrade or replacement.